Coffee in Melbourne

If one who travels but is not a lawyer asks to consider a list of the best places to drink coffee in the entire world, Brunswick St somewhere towards the top.

For those who don’t know, Brunswick Street is a famous street in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne , Australia. The street has a rich history, dating back to the early days of Melbourne in the 1850s when murders were a dime a dozen, and the penalty for murder was capital punishment.

Fitzroy was one of Melbourne’s first suburbs, and Brunswick Street was named after the Duke of Brunswick, who was a British Army officer known for his exploits in Waterloo.

Throughout the 20th century, Brunswick Street went through periods were it was regarded highly, and through other periods where it was regarded as a bit of a slum. There were quite a few murders in the area, with bodies left on the street. By the 1980s, the street became a center for Melbourne’s alternative scene, with many hipsters loving the area.

Today, Brunswick Street is known for its world-famous cafes that provide the best coffee in the world.

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